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Pajama Party Tonight!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009 , Posted by Liz at 4:40 PM

Tonight we are going to have a fun Pajama Party for Extraordinary Mothers on Stickam, and there will be prizes! Please join us, and take a look at my messy kitchen, I really could have posted a picture of every room in my house, you see I am not exactly known for my great housekeeping skills! :-)

Live party tonight with the EM Girls I’m joining in on all the fun. Join us tonight as we party the night away. Don’t forget to wear your pajamas!

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  1. My kitchen ALWAYS looks like that! And that's when it's CLEAN! I think you have great housekeeping skills.

    Just stopping by to say hello and join in the fun.

  1. JenReg says:

    Not too bad! I know, I really could have picked a few rooms too for my post!

  1. Megan says:

    That's not messy! You should see mine!! LOL
    You are always doing the funnest bloggy things...have fun!

  1. Dawn says:

    Yeah, my kitchen looks the same. It drives me crazy!!

    I played along with this, however, I was too late to enjoy the party! It took me too long to figure it all out. I requested you as a friend on that stockam?!

  1. Kristin says:

    That's totally not that bad.

  1. ShaRhonda says:

    there is a blog award on my page for you.....

  1. Shannon says:

    Your kitchen is actually fairly clean :) However, I also have a hard time keeping my counters clear.