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Please, Once Again

Thursday, January 8, 2009 , Posted by Liz at 4:56 PM

Attention, my wonderful, loyal readers and friends, I have a simple request from you all! It doesn't sound too obvious that I was trying to butter you up does it? Well, after everyone came through for me last month on the Blog Radio naming contest, (which thanks to everyone who voted, my choice won) I have one other request from y'all. I have entered a Memories of 2008 Contest at Family Eden, and the prize is a Toshiba Laptop. I do have a laptop of my own, but hubby is using a 1990's model computer in his office at church because we really haven't been able to afford to get him a laptop or even an updated desktop, like we were hoping to. I am humbly asking, (okay begging) for you to go here, and click on the picture of the camera (which is on the shelf under the television), then click on the first picture on the album for Lizzydear's Memories of 2008 photo album, and vote please(so I can hopefully win this laptop for hubby!) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! If you have any questions for me, either leave me a comment, and I will check back, or shoot me an email! Thanks again guys! Y'all totally Rawk.
P.S. Did I mention that time is of the essence, since this contest ends tomorrow, (and the winner will be announced via a Twitter party tomorrow night!) Thanks

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