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Menu Plan Monday

Monday, January 5, 2009 , Posted by Liz at 4:12 PM


Okay time for the Menu, and this week hubby and I are doing Weight Watchers! So, the meal plan might seem a little healthier, or a least lower in calories.
January 5-January 11
Monday-Lean sirloin patties, vegetable medley, sweet potatoes, green beans
Tuesday-Red Beans, brown rice
Wednesday-Chicken breasts, broccoli, green beans, salad
Thursday-National Champ. game (OU vs. Gators) might be at friends house or WW chili?
Friday-Spinach Bean Soup, Grilled cheese sandwiches
Saturday-Vegetable Stew, jiffy corn muffins
Sunday-Potluck after business meeting at church (better save flex points!)
Looks like a lot of soup/stew for us this week, cold weather required! As always, be sure to look at Org Junkie for hundreds of other weekly menus.

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  1. julie beck says:

    Happy Weight Watchers!!!
    Okay, so no WW on the night of the big game, huh? Our big game is tonight: Ohio State v Texas.
    But, I'm sure we'll be watching Thursday as well.

  1. Liz says:

    Boomer Sooner! that's all I can say----too nervous! ☺

  1. Liz says:

    Julie-Good luck with the big game tonight!
    Liz-I know, I am nervous too!
    Boomer Sooner!!

  1. Jason says:

    menu sound great sweet heart