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I've Been Tagged!

Thursday, January 29, 2009 , Posted by Liz at 9:06 PM

Lori (who is a fellow Okie) from The Downs Gang, tagged me, so I will be a good little blogger, and complete the tag! I am supposed to list 25 random things about myself, (this is going to be difficult)! Okay, well here goes:

1. I love to watch the Real Housewives (any season, any city!)
2. I have a bad habit of eating late at night.
3. This will be my fifth year to have a March of Dimes team (for my son, Seth)
4. I went through natural childbirth with my oldest son, no medication or epidural at all!
5. I have always wanted to try out for American Idol (now I'm too old!)
6. I love the Duggars, and the Gosselins.
7. I wish I were more organized.
8. I am totally ADHD, and I have actually been diagnosed :-(
9. I love my kids, but hated pregnancy
10. We live in a parsonage, right across the road from our church.
11. I am trying to obtain my Alternative Certification to be a teacher.
12. I am not very patient with kids.
13. Maybe I should rethink number 11.
14. I love to eat, basically anything.
15. I used to be skinnier, like 115 lbs.
16. I turned 30 last year.
17. My 3 year old loves Noggin, and I kinda do too.
18. I love to sing my heart out to oldies on the radio.
19. I REALLY want an iPhone.
20. I have a bad habit of being lazy
21. I only went to workout twice last week.
22. I love CVS, and Walgreens and do all the coupon deals!
23. I have been known to "dig" through the recycling bin for coupons.
24. I am a night owl.
25. I love Jesus Christ, my Savior!

Now I tag:
ShaRhonda from The 4 Crows
Julie from Kingdom Klippers
Brittany from The Greer Five
Jennifer from 80 MPH Mom
Brooke from Rambling of a New Mexico Wife

Good luck ladies, and thanks Lori!!

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  1. yeahhhhhhhhhh!! Love getting to know about you!!

  1. Dawn says:

    I'm with you on 6,7,8 &25!

    Great list!

    You so need an iPhone! I got one for my bday in Dec. I LOVE IT! Seriously, it's like the greatest gift I've ever received!! LOL!

  1. Megan says:

    Check out my won!

  1. Natural childbirth here too (posterior positioned), and we joke about how I try to work it in whenever I the dentist "this shouldn't be too bad...I gave birth without an epidural" etc. One of the things I'm most proud of. Good for you!!

    My iphone changed my life when I got it just after our little guy was born. I used it every time he nursed. He's probably going to need therapy someday!

    Thanks for sharing; I like these lists. Somebody tag me if you are short of people. :)