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Classy Closet Twitter Party Fun!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008 , Posted by Liz at 10:45 PM

I've been really getting into Twitter lately. If you haven't signed up yet, you should, (and if you do, my username is lizzydear so follow me) or at least just check it out anyway! I have also joined two Ning social networks, one being MomLogic (there is an awesome Christian MomLogic group, as well as tons of other great groups) and the other is The Classy Closet (which is a little different, but has some fun groups as well). Tonight there was a "twitter party" for The Classy Closet, and I joined in on the fun! There were some games, and prizes, and I got to "chat" with a few ladies I hadn't met before. Overall it was a great time, but the most exciting thing of all is that I won a prize!!! I won a Yummie Tummie prize valued at $100.00. Apparently this is a tank top type thing that celebs use, (and Oprah endorses) to get rid of "muffin top". This is something I wouldn't normally purchase for myself (even though I could use it :) but I am elated to have won!

The Classy Closet also has a blog radio show that is really funny, (with three ladies- Jen, Kadi, and Danielle, hosting every morning, Monday-Friday, at 11:00 am CST) and I try to listen to that if I am at home and able. On January 9, 2009 they will host a special show with tons of giveaways, and special guests, including actress Vanessa Williams!

By the way, I have badges on the right side of my blog for both of the networks I mentioned above!

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  1. ShaRhonda says:

    How fun...You have got to be the "luckiest winner", I never win anything!