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Tuesday, November 11, 2008 , Posted by Liz at 7:18 PM

Well, the past couple of months have flown by in a blur! Since September, at least 2 of us have had a parasite that was EVIL and lasted more than 3 weeks. In the midst of this illness our family took a week-long trek through Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, (destination: Mt. Rushmore!) Nebraska, and finally Kansas. We had a great time, and definitely a pretty educational experience for the kiddos. We enjoyed the landscapes and sites we saw along the journey, and needless to say I believe we have over 300 photos of our trip. I think we all agreed that we would love to move to Colorado Springs or Denver!

We have also had some busy times at church, (where my hubby pastors) which consisted of a Harvest Party, a Fall Revival, and some other changes that have affected our congregation. These activities have been great and full of fun, but they are also a little stressful and taxing. It looks like we might have a little slump for the next few weeks, but soon it will be Christmas, with a whole new slew of events starting.

Jason and I both celebrated our big 30th birthdays in the past couple of weeks, which for him wasn't really a big deal. But for this mother of four, who can't remember where her twenties have gone, (i.e. ME) it has been like a mid-life crisis of sorts. I am thankful that I am alive and healthy so I am praying that God will deliver me from this pity party, and set me on the right track. HE always does, so I just have to let go, which is so hard for me, but I will!

I have been sporadically attending a Tuesday Morning Bible Study at FBC in Ardmore, which has been great for fellowship, as well as the spiritual lessons in the book of Luke. Ironically, the leader of this whole group is my childhood voice and piano teacher. She is quite eccentric, yet a wonderful, Godly woman, who has a lot to share and is committed to letting God use her to lead these women in HIS word.

A lot more has been going on as well, but more on that later, for now here are a few pics of our vacay!

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    Love it......I am so glad you started your blog!