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Tour of Internet Resources for Teachers

Saturday, September 15, 2007 , Posted by Liz at 2:36 PM

Tour of Internet Resources for Teachers

These links to various educational websites are both informative and fun for teacher candidates and any other educators for that matter. Come take the tour with me to find out the most helpful and interesting sites for your classroom.

*A great website that includes tons of cute and interesting ideas for bulletin boards for any classroom, for any time of year! Make sure you visit The Teachers Corner for all the interesting ideas you need for your class bulletin board and take the time to go through each link that includes more and more plans!

*For a site that offers tons of articles, resources and helpful hints to starting teachers, or future teachers, check out Teaching Tips. This site also has links to other helpful sites chock full of ideas and sanity saving hints. It is also part of a web-ring that will guide you to other teacher sites as well.

*Need lesson plans and ideas for those lessons in a hurry? Well, just click on over to Hot Chalk's Lesson Plan Page to get all the free lesson plans you need in any subject for any age or grade level.

*A cool website that suits both teachers and students is Cool teaching lessons and units. It includes an array of topics to guide you through your academic year with various units, really too many to list!

*Ever want a site that lets you print already made up worksheets for free? Well I've found the place for you then, just click on Resources for Teachers to get your hands on some really interesting and insightful worksheets on just about anything you could imagine.

*A great site that will allow you to create your own tests and worksheets by typing in information that you want included, and add the format to create the ultimate test easily. Just visit Easy Test maker right now to get started.

*If you need flashcards, printable books, puzzle makers, calendars, or other templates that you can create online, and then print for students or parents, then Internet tools is the site for you. Go to this great site now to take advantage of all the great ideas that are available to you and give yourself a break!

*Looking for a great site to put your students on to include not only educational information but have a fun time? Well look at the site Fun School for games that even include French and Spanish.

*If you have always wanted to visit the American Museum of Natural History, but just haven't made it there yet, then go there the easy way by clicking here. Take virtual tours, enjoy the kids corner and learn a lot that can be used in classroom or at home.

*For a great resource to give to tell your students about, make sure to look at Homework Spot. This site really helps students with homework assignments as well as actually helping students understanding assignments.

I hope all of these great sites for teachers, students and parents can be of great use and help those who have taken my tour!

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  1. GerrieJ says:

    Like your Internet Resources post. You included websites that teachers in a variety of grade levels can use.