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To Slang or not to Slang, that is the Question.

Monday, May 11, 2009 , Posted by Liz at 10:06 AM

First of all, I hope to not offend anyone by this post, but this topic is on my mind, and I want to get it out! And a little disclaimer here-I am a Christian, and I am a Pastor's wife, but I am not perfect. So, here goes:

I guess you could call me a troublemaker, or a bad apple, or even a black sheep. I just seem to have this knack for stirring up some sort of conflict, (mostly just within my family, not necessarily out in public) wherever I go.

Well, yesterday I got into a bit of a disagreement discussion with my Mother-in-Law over a choice word that I seem to utilize quite regularly in my vocabulary. The key word is "freaking" or "freakin" i.e. "Are you freakin' kidding?" or "I am freaking mad" etc. So you basically get the point, I'm not exactly dropping the f-bomb here, but I can understand how the word could be a little offensive to some. I am not a prude to words, I can take 'em as they come, of course I don't like to expose my kids to profanity, and I definitely don't want to hear any of them cursing like a sailor, but dangit, I enjoy my slang talk!

I have come to the conclusion that I must refrain from using my "slang" vocabulary in public, and keep my potty mouth for behind closed doors only. I'm just curious if I'm the only naughty one who talks like this? And by the way, the word "fart" is used loosely in my daily vocab (I am the Mom of 3 boys, for crying out loud)!

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  1. i do the same thing! hey, at least we arent using the real words in front of our children! helk, they hear much worse at school! ive heard some of the stuff kids say! omg!

  1. ShaRhonda says:
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  1. Owen's Mama says:

    I use "frickin" on a daily basis. At least 15 times a day. I also say "fiddlesticks" when I stub my toe, shut my finger in a drawer, etc. We haven't started using Fart yet, but Owen will say Oh Man! When he drops a ball. So, not bad for a 2 year old. I figure that frickin and fiddlesticks aren't nearly as bad as what kids in schools are saying, or even kids on tv (since when do 8 year olds say oh my god??).

  1. Jason says:

    we all fart, burp, and cuss at some point in our lifes. There are alot of other things to worry about!

  1. Dawn says:

    LOL! Love this post! And, I love that you are so REAL!!!!

    I say freaking a lot. My 11 year old corrects me on it every time though. =)

    And, I cringe when my daughter says fart. It just doesn't sounds right coming out of a girl's mouth. I can totally see it with boys though!

  1. Amy says:

    I'm so guilty of this. Hate the word fart but with 3 boys, I just giv eup. I say freakin' but don't like to hear my daughter's say it. What does me in though, the word 'like' every other word in my teens vocab is 'like'. Drives me nuts.
    Great post.

  1. CaseyDeuce says:

    Loving this Lizzy... my mom says that Boug's gonna go to Kindy and say to the teacher- "Hey, where's my freakin' apple juice?!?!" because I say freakin' way too much.

    Though when she was 2 she definitely dropped the F Bomb in context completely, I'm happy she never did that again... I'll take freakin'.

  1. Megan says:

    EVERYONE uses Freakin'! Seriously, it's way better than the alternative!
    I'm not a potty mouth either, and slang is not the same thing as swear words! I am Christian too, and I think it's more important to accept and not judge someone's vocab no matter what they choose to say. I have AMAZING friends that curse all the time, but they are great people and that's what matters!
    Good post, and you are being to hard on yourself...or your MIL was too hard on you!

  1. Baloney says:

    I freaking love your rebellion. :)

  1. I'm sure your MIL had her slang terms when she was younger. That's one of the unusual things about our language. It evolves and new meanings take over for words. I find myself saying freakin every one in a while also. Just don't tell your gramdma :)

  1. Freakin' is a given. I even throw out a sucks from time to time. I think I should get credit for having cleaned up my act significantly for the sake of the children. Whatever, I'm kinda naughty like that, so don't listen to me:)

  1. Slim says:

    Any word with the right tone can be an expletive. I often shout "shitake mushrooms!" or "frogs!" (sometimes that first letter gets out no matter what). Freakin' is absolutely harmless. I hope my daughter says freakin' instead of picking up the other garbage other kids are saying.

  1. Amy says:

    I think those concerned about think are the same people vigilante about the whole politically correct talk thing. I think that if someone wanted to make a word ugly they don't need a slang word or worse - you or girl or anything can be rendered obscene.

    I do the same thing - although I do use Toot for fart just because I don't like the sound of the word fart - I love words and the way they sound - I happen to love my freakin' too! My two year old already loves the word toot and smiles broadly when someone toots and announces it to the world.

  1. Ken says:

    Haha.. so funny! Actually I also do the same thing as yours..

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